Department Links and Alumni

The department of Links and Alumni has two sections dealing with links and Alumni. It connects the University with local and international institutions/organisations. Basically, it is responsible for overseeing both local and international links, prepare MoUs and SLAs and ensure implementation of all MoUs and SLAs which have been signed with various institutions. It also exploit opportunities emanated from the established agreements and inform the University management about these opportunities. This department also receives International delegates/students and conduct an online meetings with key stakeholders in sister institutions and other partners across the globe. It coordinates Students/Staff exchange programmes, scholarships for students and staff to pursue further studies within and outside the country.

Dr. Maulana Ayoub Ali (Lecturer in Law at the Faculty of Law and Coordinator of Links, Alumni and Convocation at the Open University of Tanzania). He graduated his PhD in Law at Sharda University, India, 2021 and researched on Islamic Banking laws particularly in “Developing Legal Modal for Islamic Banking System in Tanzania”. He also holds a Master of Laws in Information Technology and Telecommunications (LLM IT & T) of The Open University of Tanzania, 2011 and Bachelor of Law and Shariah (LLB &  Shariah) of Zanzibar University, 2006. He is an editor and a contributor of the trending book titled “Leading Legal Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa” published by Galda Verlag, Germany. He has been contributing his scholarly articles in different journals including (but not limited to) The Open University of Tanzania Law Journal (OUTLJ), African Resources Development Journal (ARDJ), International Journal of Law and Political Sciences, International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and TEKU Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Dr. Maulana Ayoub Ali has participated and presented academic papers in various conferences including the 4th African Islamic Finance Summit (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania), East African Islamic Finance Summit (Nairobi, Kenya), East African Higher Education Quality Assurance Forum (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) and International Seminar on Comparative Legal Systems (Utter Pradesh, India). He is a member of the Centre for Islamic Finance Compliance and Advise (CIFCA-Tanzania), Technical adviser of the Overseas Education Agency (OEA-Tanzania) and a founder member of the JLS Africa (Tanzania). Administratively, Dr. Maulana Ayoub Ali had an opportunity to work as an Acting Director of Communication and Marketing and Director of Mbeya Regional Centre in different periods. He is currently working as a lecturer at the faculty of law of the Open University of Tanzania and a coordinator of Links, Alumni and Convocation under the Directorate of Internationalization and Convocation of the Open University of Tanzania. He can be contacted on +255 713 046 591, (Official) and

Dr. Maulana Ayoub Ali (Lecturer in Law at the Faculty of Law and Coordinator of Links, Alumni and Convocation at the Open University of Tanzania)