Alumni Association

About Alumni

Donate and Volunteer

Alumni  help sustain the university through donations and volunteerism  Sometimes, large donations allow universities to provide students with newer technology, better facilities, and a nicer campus which in turn keeps universities competitive and appealing

Peer to Peer Marketing

Alumni generate valuable peer to peer marketing among their social and professional networks.They create the university’s reputation, which relies in large part on how successful graduates are in the real world.


By engaging alumni, an institution can continue to benefit from their skills and experience.Alumni are often in the position to engage the expertise of the institution in their professional lives.

Alumni Association 

An alumni association is an association of graduates or, more broadly, of former students. These associations often organize social events, publish newsletters or magazines, and raise funds for the University. Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. Every University across the World have Alumni Associations. Some associations are stronger while others are weak due to poor participation of graduates/Alumni. The development of Universities depends on ideas and contributions from their Alumni.

I am an Alumni of one of the Universities in the UK. I am proud to be a member of the association and the success stories of my University. I normally receives information about developments of my University. I also contributes ideas through surveys and other platforms as my responsibility to assist my University to improve its operations.

About Convocation

Convocation is a large formal assembly of people in a college or university that gather for some sort of ceremony. For, OUT convocation events surround graduation. It is normally conducted two days or a day before graduation ceremony. During convocation, both academic staff and Alumni meet to reflect what the University has performed for the past years. Also, it is an opportunity for other scholars outside the university to join in and share their experiences from different sectors.

The Alumnus have opportunities to inspire prospective graduands about what they have achieved after completion of their studies. The University also put forward its plans for the next academic calendars and how these plans will be realized. Other academic staff and alumni also are given opportunities to comment on the better strategies to improve operations of the University.